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Sabine Blasko

3-D-Paintings / Assemblages / Sculptures

I have been working full time as a fashion designer within the garment industry for many years. I have enjoyed the many challenges that my profession offered me; however, I now feel a fundamental urge to redefine myself through my art, to pursue my more personal and artistic interests, that of expressing my creativity more directly through paintings, object collages and sculptures.

My artwork has been influenced by my fashion background; examples of which would involve photographs of gestures, faces, bodies or fashion accessories and the translation of them into my own expressions using colourful painting techniques and their production in larger format.

I have also been greatly influenced by the expressionists, such as Max Beckmann and also the cubist works of Pablo Picasso, this can be seen in my application of a ‘colour mix brush’ technique with a lot of dark and light shadow contrasts.

For my object collages I use warm and luscious textiles, sensual materials, fabric patches and gorgeous accessories such as buttons, pearls, rhinestones, sequins, or simply any beautiful objects I have found in my daily life that I have selected and collected as being of interesting shape, structure, texture or colour. In much of my artwork I try and re-use whatever I can, rather than purchasing new materials, in doing so I try to promote the concept of recycling, which is part of my culture.

My object art tells stories and relays my feelings; the faces and people invite the observer to dive into the emotion that is expressed, or simply to wonder about its nature !












Sabine Blasko

Portals of Perception 
January 14 – February 4, 2014  Reception: Thursday January 16, 2014 6-8 PM

Press Release by Agora Gallery,  New York City, Chelsea

Sabine Blasko first expressed herself professionally as a garment designer in Germany and Switzerland, but is now engaging her creative talents to construct her own personal vision through her art – a vision devoid of rules, and more often than not, challenging what we might think of as the rules. In some ways fulfilling the impulse to combine the worlds of design and fine art was inevitable for Blasko, who was powerfully inspired by intricate patterns and textures as a child in her mother’s textile shop.

Blasko’s artworks range vastly, from sensual figurative paintings to a surreal collaged assemblage of a mandala. Her willingness to experiment in both media and imagery allows a unique patchwork quality to enter her work, often pointing to her boundless range of influences, from the Expressionists to world travel to astrology. Using contrasting natural and artificial components, as well as recycled materials, Blasko’s work is full of unpredictable pairings that demand contemplation. The artist expertly employs her passion for contrast in details through colour, form, materials, and structure to curate a distinctive visual language that is all her own.

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